Inventory Management

What to buy, when, and how much?

JSJ.Expert - Inventory Management

Ensuring you hold the appropriate mix of inventory is part instinct, part science. You are the specialist, and you know best what you sell and what your customers want. Improve your purchases by applying fact-based sales forecasts and trends to your decision making process and never run out of key items again.

Here are some questions to consider:

  • How do you determine purchase quantities?
  • How do you time their arrival?
  • What balance of core inventory versus complimentary products?
  • How do you budget enough for both without becoming cash-poor?

Increase your Average Purchase Value by offering complimentary products that customers want, while holding just enough inventory to support your sales. Open-to-buy, purchase receipt planning, inventory mix and balance, distribution, and order fulfillment are all equally important to your success. Effective purchase planning based on sales forecasts prevent cash flow from getting frozen in stagnant inventory.

JSJ.Expert can help you measure your past performance and build an accurate sales forecast and open-to-buy, review and refine your distribution model and reduce your operating costs with efficient warehouse planning.

Keep your cash-flow from being frozen in your inventory.
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