What We Offer

Process Development

JSJ.Expert - Process Development

If this, then that…

Efficient workflows save time and money. Reduce overhead expenses with proper planning and systems. Allocate labour and resources where they are most needed while automating and simplifying routine tasks.

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Inventory Management

JSJ.Expert - Inventory Management

What to buy, when, and how much?

Open-to-buy, purchase receipt planning, inventory mix and balance, distribution, and order fulfillment. Purchase planning based on sales forecasts prevent cash flow from getting frozen in stagnant inventory.

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Integration & Automation

JSJ.Expert - Integration and Automation

Connect your offline and your online.

Build your business faster with an integrated Enterprise Resource Planner (ERP) & E-Commerce solution. Open source options enable custom development at a fraction of the cost while hosted Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions reduce overhead.

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Business Intelligence

JSJ.Expert - Business Intelligence

Inspect what you expect.

Monitor Key Performance Indicators in realtime with a custom dashboard that reports on the things that matter: Gross Margin, Conversion Ratio, Average Purchase Value, etc. If it’s important, it should be measured.

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