Process Development

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JSJ.Expert - Process Development

Efficient workflows save time and money. Reduce overhead expenses with proper planning and systems. Allocate labour and resources where they are most needed while automating and simplifying routine tasks.

Here are some questions to consider:

  • How do you fulfill orders?
  • What controls do you have in place to ensure consistent service quality?
  • How much of your week is spent doing administrative work and data entry?

Whether you’re managing stock replenishment or order fulfillment, each process should be clearly defined with start points, end points, decisions and exception handling. These processes should be documented, diagrammed and included as part of your overall business operations manual and reviewed an updated as your processes evolve. Not only will these workflows provide a valuable training resource as your company grows and employs more people, but will also provide proof of stability and supporting documentation when it comes time to apply for a business loan or search for external investors.

JSJ.Expert can support you in this endeavor by analysing your current business processes, clearly defining objectives and transition points and creating the supporting documentation.

Don’t let undefined or unclear business processes keep your company from reaching its full potential.
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